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  • Architect / Sculptor / Judaic Artist

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    Donor walls can be developed similar to this Yahrzeit memorial wall.

    Donor walls should be more than just a listing of names. They should recognize donors in an interesting way, and at the same time make use of the congregations limited wall space. Donor walls also enhance the spaces they are in, and encourage donors by making them want to be shown as an integral part of the art work that the donor wall becomes.


    Milstein is developing other "Art work" Donor wall concepts at this time. Some with a pattern of meaningful calligraphy and form, as well as others with stained glass. The above design incorporates the Hebrew word "Simcha" (joyous occasion).


    One Donor wall currently being completed in our studio is developed with a series of modular plaques of different sizes that fit together in a stone like pattern to allow for the recognition of larger and smaller donations. It has a three dimensional sculptural skyline of Jersualem as its top motif.


    preliminary Jerusalem Donor wall sketch


    Milstein often creates full size mockups of projects such as this large "Jerusalem" Donor wall, for design study and for review by clients.

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