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  • Emanuel Milstein

    Architect / Sculptor / Judaic Artist

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    Hebrew calligraphy used Sculpturally by Milstein adds meaningful form to his artwork. The Hebrew lettering he develops can be conceived to be very traditional and easily recognized and read, or more abstracted forms that suggest the beauty of the Hebrew letters. The latter requires more concentration to interpret the meaningful hebrew that he uses.



    This Sculptural relief plaque is developed with the symbols of the tablets of the 10 Commandments, with the first 10 letters of the Hebrew alphabet on them in a traditional way to recall the Commandments. Vinelike branches are developed at the sides of the Tablets.



    This Memorial to YITZHAK RABIN was developed from ISIAH 57.19....PEACE, PEACE TO HIM THAT IS FAR OFF AND TO HIM THAT IS NEAR..........

    The Hebrew word SHALOM is sculpturally developed twice in an overlay pattern and is surrounded by eighteen different abstract shapes.... for CHAI

    The abstract shape on the right side of the panel is actually a profile of the land of Israel. His name in Hebrew is at the bottom of the panel.

    This plaque was done all in white but other colors and finishes are possible with this comtemporary approach to relief sculpture.

    It is enhanced and further defined by the play of light and shadow. I am developing similar sculptural studies for other synagogue elements. Some will have multiple sculptural overlays of HEBREW CALLIGRAPHY.



    abstract forms that suggest the beauty of the Hebrew letters and require more concentration to interpret.

    The sculpture on left commemorates the indestructibility of the Jewish People. A Torah is shown symbolically enveloped by the Burning Bush.... As the "Bush was not consumed by the Fire", never have the Jewish People. The sculptural forms of the burning bush develop into the Hebrew phrase [Shma Yisrael] ........(at the top). The form on the right is developed from the Hebrew letter "Lamed".



    This relief sculpture with a central motif of the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph. This is the first of the series. This sculpture is two feet high and six inches deep.


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