Emanuel Milstein
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  • Architect / Sculptor / Judaic Artist

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    Sculptor and architect Emanuel Milstein writes:

    "Houses of worship, traditionally shelters for the spirit of man, have always been patrons of the arts. The architect for a house of worship need not have to justify a spiritual approach to his work...nor need he justify his desire to incorporate works of art within his concept, or in fact, to make a unified work of art of his entire effort".


    National Arts Club Award winner Ark for the Sephardic Temple, The "wings" over the Ark doors were inspired by Exodus XXV:20 "And the cherubim shall spread out their wings on high screening the ark-cover with their wings..." The grill work recalls a pattern in the 14th century Sephardic, "Sinagoga del Transito" in Toledo, Spain. The colors of the stones called for to represent each of the Twelve Tribes of Israel in Exodus XXVIII:13 are recalled by twelve faceted stained glass discs set into the ark doors and illuminated from within. The ark is twenty seven feet high. Please click on the ark for a more detailed closeup view..

    you can click on the ark, menorah, and stainedglass for a more detailed view

    letter from Leo Esses Building Chairman of Shaare Ezra Congregation :

    Dear Mr Milstein,

    Our congregants have not stopped raving about the superb job you did in our synagogue.

    Your masterful work on the Holy Ark, the candelabras with the magnificent panels are a dream. The stained glass windows are so pleasant to look at, in the color arrangement you put into them.

    The other details in your choice of color coordination are unsurpassed.

    We are so happy with the entire job that we wish to offer you an open invitation to show our synagogue to any prospective client.

    It was a pleasure to work with you and lots of good luck in all your undertakings.

    Best regards,

    Shaare Ezra Congregation

    Leo Esses

    Building Chairman

    Milstein would be pleased to share references from other clients. He can be reached at (732)946-8604. Studio visits are by appointment only.

    click on the ark doors for a more detailed view.

    One thought for the forms at the sides of the Ark doors is that they recall vibrations from the Torah. Some feel that they convey the Mountain Theme from "Har Shalom...Mountain Peace". The Eternal Light is a large "crystal" of glass. I integrated the skylight with the Bema Wall to create one unity.

    "Basic pattern on doors recalls angel's wings which develop into two shins at the top (for shalom and Shadai)"

    "Each door has seven 'crystals' of glass which recall a menorah"

    "Each door has five basic openings to recall the Ten Commandments."


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